how to display images in dataTable using p:graphicImage in Primefaces

In this tutorial, let us see how to use p:graphicImage within dataTable tag in Primefaces. For example, let us display a list of products with images from a database. You can also visit my earlier tutorial for displaying dynamic images using p:graphicImage tag. 

Now let us see the complete code for displaying list of products with images using p:dataTable tag in primefaces.  Let us start with JSF code using p:dataTable and p:graphicImage

JSF Page (productList.xhtml)

In the above JSF code, productId is passed as parameter to retrieve the corresponding product image from the database.

Now let us write managed bean code associated with the above JSF page

The above getter method getProductImage() is called twice by the tag <p:graphicImage> when the JSF page is invoked. First time simply DefaultStreamedContent()  is returned so that the URL for the <img>  tag is generated (If part is executed). Second time actual image is returned and rendered (else part is executed).

DAO code to retrieve binary data from database:

DDL to create table structue used in this example:

productId varchar(10) NOT NULL, productName varchar(100) NOT NULL,
productImage mediumblob, PRIMARY KEY ( productId )

Now insert product details with image using the below DML

insert into product values (‘I1’, ‘Samsung Tv’, LOAD_FILE(‘c:/temp/testimages/samsungtv.jpg’));

insert into product values (‘I2’, ‘SONY LED TV’, LOAD_FILE(‘c:/temp/testimages/sonytv.jpg’));

Note: Place the image files to be uploaded in the folder c:/temp/testimages

Now Two records are inserted.

Running the application will result the below output

graphicImage and datatable

Technology used in the project:

JSF 2.2

Primefaces 5.2


Apache Tomcat V7.0


Java 1.7


Reference:  PrimeFaces GraphicImage and DataTable

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